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FLR Congo Suede Leather Flat Line Shoe in Black

Supplier: FLR Shoes
Manufacturer Part No: CONGO BK44
Unit: Pair
Added: 24/4/2023

RRP: £59.99

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As worn by Ben Deakin. Ben is a Professional Mountain Bike Coach and Downhill Enthusiast. You can follow him here

The Congo delivers excellent performance, grip, and comfort for long rides out on the trail or grabbing a beer with friends. It’s a casual look and laid-back design will catch anyone’s eye, and even better- it’s more durable than regular trainers.

Featuring a low-profile design with leather suede, the Congo improves breathability and cooling for when you ride on warmer days. The FL200 outsole offers the rider control and grip, with a specifically engineered STK grip rubber compound. The special sole design and tread pattern control holding our foot on the pedal yet allows for quick release during quick maneuvers.

Optional grey laces also included.