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SIS Go Hydration +Caffeine Tablets. Flavour: Cola (20 Tablets/Tube) (8 Tubes)

Supplier: SIS Science in Sport
Manufacturer Part No: 005703
Unit: Case
Added: 6/9/2013

RRP: £6.99

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What is it for?

When you need hydration with virtually no calories...
Go Hydro contains precise levels of sodium and other electrolytes to hydrate you before and during intense exercise. It was developed to keep the British Sailing team optimally hydrated at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Simply drop a tablet into water for effective hydration, with virtually no calories, before and during sports.

  • 20 tablets in a tube, 8 tubes in a case

When you want an energy boost, but want the benefits of caffeine too...
SIS’s award winning gel technology delivers fast energy with a caffeine boost that’s easy and quick to take. Go +Caffeine is clean in the mouth and easy on the stomach. Use before or during your competitive event for added mental focus when you want to get an edge.