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Weldtite TF2 Merchandiser Pod Stock

Supplier: Weldtite Tools
Manufacturer Part No: 00033 00043
Unit: Each
Added: 19/9/2017

RRP: £243.99

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Available as individual pods with slatwall mounting brackets, or as a complete free-standing shop stand (as you see here), there’s an option to suit every retailer. Quick and easy to assemble, these new lightweight stands all come with branded frames and crowns to give maximum impact in the retail environment. Simply buy the stock and receive the stand for FREE!


  • TF2 Ultimate Lubricant Spray x4
  • TF2 Bike Grease x5
  • TF2 Plus Dry Lube x7
  • TF2 Endurance Ceramic Lube x7
  • TF2 Ultra Dry Wax x7
  • TF2 Performance All-Weather Lube x7
  • TF2 Extreme Wet Lube x7