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Beto 25" All Purpose Hi-Volume Floor Pump

Supplier: Beto
Manufacturer Part No: CFL-001AG3
Unit: Each
Added: 19/9/2017

RRP: £69.99

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  • 25" all-purpose fat/tubeless/road 2-stage floor pump with digital gauge
  • Patented switchable 2-stage opposing pumping mechanism
  • Switch to hi-volume mode for low pressure or fat tyre rapid inflation
  • Switch to hi-volume mode to seal off the bead ring of a tubeless tyre
  • Switch to hi-pressure mode for high pressure pumping (suggest switching to hi-pressure mode at 10PSI)
  • Precision temperature-compensated and spike-controlled digital gauge
  • Easy-to-read large digits
  • 0.1PSI scale for demanding fat tyre rider
  • Patented auto-head fits Schrader/Presta