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Wellgo 2DU Bearing - B087 Platform 9/16" Pedal

Supplier: Wellgo Pedals
Manufacturer Part No: B087.3Y-2BBB1-B02
Unit: Pair
Added: 12/4/2016

RRP: £11.99

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What are Wellgo 2DU Bearings?

Wellgo 2DU pedal bearings are a patented design system from Wellgo. The bearings are made from high quality components and feel like sealed bearings. They have high durability and have a longer life span than a standard ball bearing. All of this, and the price is very competitive and great value for money.

  • Body: One piece alloy barrel 
  • Spindle: Cr-Mo / Boron
  • Size: 110.3 x 104.6mm
  • 2DU bearings