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Zefal Extra Dry Premium Chain Wax (120ml)

Supplier: Zefal
Manufacturer Part No: 9612
Unit: Each
Added: 18/1/2019

RRP: £8.50

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Premum wax-based lubricant. Optimal cleanliness.

Extra Dry Wax is a wax-based dry lubricant that keeps drivetrains extra clean by effectively repelling water and dust. Made from a water and wax bse, it offers high protection against the corrosion and provides excellent lubrication that makes gear changes smoother. This highly effective lubricant is especially suited for avid cyclists concerned with maintaining a smooth, quieter, clean and dry drivetrain. 

  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Chain clean lubrication with this wax
  • Protective coating - excellent protection against wear, rust and oxidation
  • Friction reduction - smoother pedalling and a quieter drivetrain
  • 120ml squeezable bottle with safety cap
  • 5* performance
  • 3* durability
  • 5* cleanliness

Application Instructions

  1. Degrease and clean the chain using, for example, Zefal Bike Degreaser and the ZB Clean brush. Effective lubrication can only be achieved on a clean, degreased chain.
  2. Rinse and dry using a cloth
  3. Apply a moderate amount of Pro Wet Lube on the chain while rotating the pedals
  4. Wipe any excess lubricant off the chain