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Zefal Z Console for Apple iPhone 7+ & Apple iPhone 8+ (Plus)

Supplier: Zefal
Manufacturer Part No: 7073B
Unit: Each
Added: 10/4/2017

RRP: £28.99

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The Z Console contains a smartphone case along with a mounting system that attaches to the stem or handlebars of your bike. You can therefore take a look at and record data from your ride through apps on your phone. The encased smartphone holder combines comfort, flexibility and high resistance against any impacts. It is also compatible with the Z Armband and the Z Car Mount (not included in this kit). Quickly fix your smartphone into portrait or landscape mode on your bike and set-off on your adventure!

  • The overmolding of the smartphone case guarantees flexibility and high resistance against impacts
  • 360° Adjustable angle in landscape or portrait mode
  • Easy installation in one click and with one-hand 
  • Touch screen
  • Case and mounting: thermoplastic
  • Adjustable bracket (Ø 20-45mm) 
  • Bike mount included


  • Value for money
  • Trendy
  • Low profile design
  • Secure for the smartphone
  • Light
  • Strong
  • Multiple attachment methods
  • Compatible with all Z Console mounts and accessories
  • Available in full kit and spare parts
  • Everyday case


  • Convenience of having your phone visible while riding
  • Safely screen calls and messages
  • Navigate to your destination
  • Track your speed and distance using your favourite apps
  • Bike/motor bike riding, trolley, running, car…