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Promo 1 (Die Drawn Cable Workshop Promotion)

Supplier: Clarks Cycle Systems
Unit: Pack
Added: 2/3/2017

RRP: £199.99

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Contained in Promo 1 are 5 workshop boxes of cables/outer. We are offering you a great discount from trade price (28%).

To complete the promotion, you will also receive a free POS workshop display.

Please see below a breakdown of the promotion;

  • Clarks Stainless Steel Road Die Drawn Brake Inner (Box of 100)  
  • Clarks Stainless Steel MTB Die Drawn Brake Inner (Box of 100)   
  • Clarks Stainless Steel Die Drawn Gear Inner (Box of 100)   
  • Clarks Outer Gear Casing (box/30m)      
  • Clarks Outer Brake Casing (box/30m)     

Please Note: POS won't come with workshop pots shown on top of image.