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AXA Newton 95 / 5.5 Combi Lock

Supplier: AXA Bike Security
Manufacturer Part No: 59004596SS
Unit: Each
Added: 24/2/2015

RRP: £30.99

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  • Hardened steel shackles
  • Cutting force up to 35kN
  • Strong polyester sleeve prevents damage
  • Integrated lock housing
  • With automatic click
  • Stainless steel details
  • 4 digit personal code
  • Diameter shackle Ø5.5mm
  • Length 95cm
  • Hardened steel chain 

AXA Bike Security

AXA Bike Security is inextricably linked with cycling culture. For more than 110 years the company has done everything it can to optimally protect cyclists and bicycles. As a real bicycle fan, AXA Bike Security knows exactly what cyclists need in order to be safe while cycling. AXA’s engineers inject the latest requirements and developments into user-friendly, sustainable products. Thanks to their own production facilities in Europe, AXA can always guarantee consistent, high quality. This is how AXA contributes to the safety and cycling pleasure of the world’s growing group of people who prefer the bicycle as a healthy and sustainable method of transport.

Naturally AXA
Top Quality and 10 Years Guarantee

- Only European components and cylinders
- Made of galvanised steel for greater resistance to corrosion
- Controlled hardening process, stronger and more consistent
- Long-lasting grease instead of thin lubricating oil
- 10 year guarantee: longer than the average life of a bike

AXA Service
More Service for You and Your Customers

- Online key service guarantees new keys on site within 5 days
- Comprehensive sales support
- High levels of delivery performance and flexibility