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Ravemen CR700 (700 Lumens) / TR30M (30 Lumens) USB Rechargeable Twinset

Supplier: Ravemen
Manufacturer Part No: LS-CT03
Unit: Set
Added: 6/6/2020

RRP: £79.99

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Ravemen Lighting. Ravemen is derived from their passion for bike riding and concern for bike riders as well as others’ safety. Coming from different areas of the bicycle industry and being biking enthusiasts, engaging in night riding is quite normal for us. To our regret, most of the high-output bike lights on the market have no anti-glare capability, which is dangerous to oncoming traffic, and as a result places them at great risk.

In fact, many people have had the experience of being dazzled by high lumen bike lights, and Ravemen believe that every rider also tries not to disturb others while enjoying the fun of riding. Based on such perception and being inspired by automotive headlights, the idea of applying a similar design to bike lights came into their minds. Through the entire process of conceiving, designing, proofing, testing and adjusting, they finally made it! That means the world’s first bike light with a simulation of the design of automotive headlights is available.

Combining high quality and durable material with innovative design, along with the concern for riders and others’ safety which has been fused into their genes, Ravemen promise their products will be not only reliable and easy-to-use to improve your riding experience, but also a trusted companion that will earn you respect from others.

CR700 Front 

  • DuaLens optical designed low beam, providing anti-glare broad light for commuting
  • No dazzle for oncoming riders and pedestrians
  • Wired remote button to change brightness levels without releasing the grip
  • Built-in battery indicator and charging indicator
  • Micro USB charging port to charge the light easily
  • Durable anodized aluminum body with better heat dissipation
  • Quick release design for easily slide in/out
  • Compatible with handlebar from 22.2mm to 31.8mm diameter
  • Your ideal compact commuting light with output of 700 lumens
  • Side visibility function, which is helpful to increase the visibility of the light and the cyclists
  • Recharge capability while the light is being used, this function will enable users to extend the run time of the light

Technical Specifications

  • LED: 1*CREE XM-L2 with a lifespan of 50000 hours
  • Battery: 2600mAh/3.7V rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • Dimensions (Headlight): 101 x 29 x 32mm
  • Weight (Headlight): 116g
  • Materials: The main body is made by durable anodized aluminum; other parts are made by durable plastic 

TR30M Rear

Crystal Pure Red Rear Light. Featuring transparent light body and special internal reflecting patterns, TR30M gives out 360 degree beam with max 30 LED lumens, providing much better rear and side visibility to increase rider's safety. It is lightweight, easy to use and versatile with quick release clamp mount.

  • Providing 360-degree beam angle
  • Transparent pure red light body
  • Special internal reflecting patterns
    Convert dual LEDs point lights into panel lighting alike, enhancing the rear and side visibility and increasing rider's safety
  • Brighter and larger side visibility
  • Mounting the light in a nearly horizontal position, the light body is more obvious than the traditional vertical way
  • Adjust the angle for daily riding with max visibility or for group riding without dazzling following riders

Product Features

  1. Dual Highly efficient LEDs with max 30 LED lumens
  2. Transparent light body with 360-degree beam angle
  3. Special internal reflecting patterns, enhancing the rear and side visibility and increasing rider's safety
  4. Mounting angle adjustable for daily riding with max visibility or for group riding without dazzling following riders
  5. Quick release design, compatible with round and aero seatposts
  6. Micro USB charging port, compatible with most phone chargers
  7. Built-in battery indicator and charging indicator
  8. Intelligent memory circuit remembers the last used brightness level and mode when turned on again

Tech Specifications

  • LED: Dual highly efficient LEDs
  • Battery: 200mAh/3.7V rechargeable Li-polymer battery
  • Dimensions (light unit): 25mm (L)*21mm (W)*62mm (H)
  • Weight (light unit): 22g
  • Mount size: compatible with φ 24-36mm seatpost
  • Design and specifications are subject to change without notice